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The Magic of it All…

For the fourth time (once for each new movie release), Terrence and I went to the midnight showing of the latest Harry Potter movie – the Goblet of Fire! It was fantastic, even with the omission of a lot of ‘content’ from the book. The characters are maturing, as is their audience, and the chemistry these actors have together is wonderful! The movie had everything… romance, good vs. evil, friendships, morals, ethics, family relationships, fantasy… it was just great. It’s so much fun to sit in a theater with hundreds of other fans – young and old(er) and be swept away by the magic of it all…

And speaking of magic, another sort of magic I’m discovering is the coveted response to the question “What did you do this weekend?” – Nothing at all! In the hustle and bustle of day to day life, not to mention the holiday season, doing ‘nothing at all’ is a treasure! Doing nothing at all can take the shape of vegging out on the couch watching mindless television, catching up with friend’s blogs (modernmuse), wandering the mall or the Apple store, visiting Cold Stone Creamery, trying new restaurants, walking the dog, feeding four cats, reading for pleasure, grading papers, sneaking some cuddle time with my Sweetie, talking about future plans, and sitting in silence alone together or at least with the dog right between us.

And speaking of dogs and magic, how many people can say they’ve dressed up as Clifford the Big Red Dog? Well, I can now add that to my resume! Wait for the picture to post… then you’ll believe me! How fun is that?! I was so stressed first thing this morning – there’s a lot of things that go into putting on a parade – and granted, I’m not the parade director, there’s still a lot of things that go into putting on a parade that fall on me. I want so badly to do a great job with this and prove my salt at the Chamber so that perhaps I will be given more responsibility. I really enjoy Chamber work and the people I work for and with. I look forward to immerseing myself in the Oakland Community as I have done in SL and Alameda. Only time will tell… patience has never been my virture.

10 Important Questions Every ‘Thinking About Being a Mom’ Gal Should Ask

Please keep in mind… these are tongue-in-cheek; I have never and would never leave a child under my care unattended.

  1. Are you ready to give up ever sleeping again?  Is it wrong to plop your kid down in front of the Wiggles while you catch twenty Zzzzzz’s?
  2. Is there sex after pregnancy/birth?  How do you explain ‘weird sounds coming from your room’ when your kids ask?
  3. Can you crate a kid like you crate a dog?  I mean in reality, isn’t a crib a crate?
  4. How long can you leave your baby sleeping? Long enough for a quick 3 mile run or a workout at the gym?
  5. What happens when you have to go back to work?  And you don’t feel guilty?
  6. Are you financially prepared?  Will you save for a college fund or a therapy fund?
  7. How can you stop yourself from making it all about baby?  Is it wrong to create a little me – time?
  8. If you don’t believe in God or being a ‘Christian’, how do you explain Christmas to a child?  Is it wrong to just celebrate the commercialism of it all?
  9. What if your dog doesn’t like your kid?  Can you give your kid back?
  10. Can I still watch Sex and the City?