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Proud as a Peacock!

I’m so excited for Terrence: He has a CD review coming out tomorrow in the Alameda Sun; his liner notes are going to be published in April in the Music Scene and he’s going to be on the cover of it in June with a review of his CD’s; and the Alameda Magazine is looking to do a feature on him in an upcoming issue!!! He has two CD release parties — one in SF at Pearls ( on June 1st and one in the East Bay – Kelly’s in Alameda on June 3rd. He has some awesome community events coming up and is playing the Sonoma Jazz Festival at the end of May!

What else you ask? Well, you’ll just have to check out his newly revamped website ( starting April 4th… the official release date of his CD’s!

This is so wonderful; I feel just like a proud peacock!

Press Release/Strong Brew Music – The Calling: Volumes 1 & 2


101 minutes of music, 17 original compositions, 7 musicians, 2 full-length CD’s, 1 man – Terrence Brewer.
Guitarist and composer Terrence Brewer recently launched his own independent record label, Strong Brew Music, and self-produced two full-length CD’s for the label… The Calling: Volume One and Volume Two. A musician for the last 20+ years, Brewer studied with legendary musicians/educators such as Charlie Hunter, Duck Baker, Mike Zilber, Mike Williams, and Mark Levine, to name a few. In addition, Brewer consistently performs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and has played with artists including Pete Escavedo, Bruce Forman, Kahlil Shaheed, Herb Gibson, Calvin Keyes, Ed Kelley, John Gove, Tuck and Patti, and many, many more.

The Calling: Volume One and Volume Two contains 17 of Brewer’s original compositions and features the playing of some of today’s most talented young musicians.
Exotic Latin tinged and odd-meter grooves (Murray’s Law, The Hands of Man) drive The Calling: Volume One, along with fiery up-tempo swing numbers (Dedication, Vari-8-Shun), and passionate ballads (The Way, Cat-Nap). In addition to Brewer on guitar, Volume One displays the talents of Ravi Abcarian (Kahlil Shaheed, Oaktown Jazz Workshop) on acoustic bass, Ben Stolorow (Oba Oba, Misturada, Kotoja) on piano, and Micah McClain (KeHoe Nation, Blackwell) on drums.

The Calling: Volume Two follows in the footsteps of the great guitar/organ/drum trios of the past, yet Brewer lends his own modern original twists on those familiar sounds. Volume Two begins with heavy backbeat funk (Lately), continues with scorching swing numbers (A.D.D., Sunrise Sunset), and balances out with powerful and bluesy ballads (Chrystal Clarity, Peaches and Cream). Volume Two features Brewer on guitar, long-time friend Derrek Phillips (Charlie Hunter Trio) on drums, Wil Blades (Mother Bug, O.G.D.) on Hammond B-3 Organ, and Eric Drake (Space Invaders) on tenor saxophone.

To receive a promotional package and CD’s contact:

Strong Brew Music/Terrence Brewer Productions
Phone: 510.755.0627
Email: [email protected]


Forced Down Time (a.k.a Oh, Woe Is Me)

Well, it’s perfect timing to catch you all up on my life, since as of this morning at 6:30am I have become somewhat immobile, tearing (why couldn’t it just be a pull or strain??) my right calf muscle. So, what does that mean? Well, Kaiser ER put me in a half cast from my foot up to my high thigh (why couldn’t the cast at least be sexy? – lol), on crutches, with the impending fact that I’m waiting to get a phone call from Orthopedics telling me I might need a full cast, which in turn will mean that not only will I be on crutches for three months but that I won’t be able to even DRIVE! How’s that for a run on sentence?

You know the most irritating thing about this is that I was up at 5:15 and at the gym by 5:45am and had to cut my damn workout short because of this injury. Oh well, at least I can still lift weights for my upper body!

Okay, so other than this *minor* setback, which I’m taking as a sign to slow down a bit, here’s my life update:

Job #1 – DVC
LOVING it! Probably won’t be asked back next semester as they hired a FT faculty (got passed over for that position) and won’t need as many PT’ers and since I was the last to get hired, I’m the first to go.

Not sure if I’ll be teaching at LMC in the Fall due to the fact that I stood up for myself against the Department Chair, which probably pissed her off, and I’m not her ‘favorite’ – oh well! Oh well, except that I’m desperately missing teaching or the idea of not doing it next semester!

Job #2 – Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
LOVING it! I received a promotion in December; In addition to everything I was doing there before (Parade Manager), I am now the Executive Director of Leadership Oakland, which I absolutely adore — it’s a ‘teaching’ program of sorts and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for the past three years upon graduating from a Leadership class in San Leandro. Here’s the website if you want to check it out:

Job #3 – Marketing & Promotions Manager for Terrence Brewer (yep, my husband). He just put out 2 all original CD’s that he wrote the music and arrangements for, played the music on, and produced the CD’s! His official CD release party is June 1st at Jazz at Pearls – a pretty famous jazz club in San Francisco. And since I do the marketing and promotions, it would be remiss of me not to include his website or that of the venue where he will be playing His CD’s will be on iTunes, and Borders by June!

It’s all very exciting as he is somewhat becoming a bit of a local celebrity, with some radio play and recognition by the media — watch out red carpet, I’ll be there (at least by his side and they’ll probably cut me out of the pictures) one day!

Job #4 – Fitness Instructor
Welllllll, I won’t be doing that any time soon. Actually, I am teaching a class tomorrow – a cycling class – but I’ll be off the bike instructing it. I need the cash-ola!

Job #5 – Student
Yep, student – and yes, I count that as a job! I decided to take some online classes to further my education and I can only tell you it’s kicking my ass! I only had fond memories of being a student in school, but this online class is quickly changing that. It’s an accelerated class, so thankfully, it’s over in 8 more weeks!

Okay, whew! I’m tired now…. off to answer emails and catch up on homework… what else do I have to do???

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