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It’s What Makes It All Worthwhile…

I don’t make much money as a teacher; my dad told me as much when I was eighteen and wanted to go to school so that one day I could teach. But, being the Taurus that I am, and the fact that teaching is in my bones, I decided to go ahead with it anyway. It’s not the money that makes it worthwhile; I don’t know too many teachers that do it for the money. I teach because I love it and I can’t imagine not teaching — it hurts my heart to think I might not be teaching in the fall…

But I digress.

Nights like last night — meeting up with two of my former students for dinner, drinks, music, and interesting conversation are what make suffering through some endless days of grading, or dealing with difficult students (or faculty/administration for that matter!), earning below a living wage, not receiving benefits and having to pay for my own, or any of the other myriad of frustrations that come along with teaching — all worthwhile!

Knowing a student genuinely learned something from me and appreciates it is food for my soul. And knowing a student genuinely likes me is icing on the cake — or whipped cream on the apple caramel tart or the hardened sugar on the creme brule, or a plate for your cock bones (inside joke!).

So, that’s why I teach – not for the money – but because I genuinely care for my students and their learning; I want them to succeed and I want them to inform me of their life accomplishments; and because when it boils down to it, teaching is in my bones and in my heart!

Cheers for now…

Musical Musings – April 2006

*April 10th marked a significant date for Terrence – he returned to LMC as the featured guitarist for the college’s music recital – a real thrill for him, especially since his mom and grandmother were in the audience.

*Had a fantastic birthday thanks to my husband (Friday @ The Commodore Yachts [we were actually on Bay Area Bargains on KRON 4, The Purple Onion – How We First Met), my girlfriends (Saturday @ Cha Cha Cha, Amnesia, and the Metronome), and my mom and aunt (Sunday @ Horatio’s & Chevy’s… ooooey goooey….yum!). I definitely celebrated 35 in style!

*And tonight… Terrence had his first on-air interview at KPFA a local station out of Berkeley. Greg Bridges of KPFA and KCSM interviewed T and gave him the highest compliment saying that off his new CD’s The Calling: Volume One and Volume Two would be new jazz Standards — totally awesome compliment!

In case you missed the interview, you can log onto and then click Play Stream.

If that doesn’t work follow these steps:

log onto
Click on Programs (upper left)
Scroll down until you see in the far left column a link for Transitions on Traditions – click it
Then click on the link that comes up in the next page
Then click on the archives for Monday, April 24th
Then click on Play Stream

Once the program has loaded you can ‘fast forward’ to one hour into the program and shortly thereafter you’ll hear Terrence! The entire interview is about 45 minutes and has some talking, songs from the CD’s, as well as Terrence playing live solo guitar!

Stay tuned for more musical musings

3 (gulp) 5

How could the next box appear so quickly? The box that puts me in with the 35 – 49 year olds is less than two weeks away. I find myself filling out forms and questionnaires online just so I can still choose the 25 – 34 group. Why is this such a big deal to me?

I remember being so happy to turn 25; I was a quarter of a century! And 30? It was my best year yet… I ran a marathon, received my master’s degree, and got married. But 35 is different. T is still in that 25 – 34 box and I’m moving ahead but don’t feel any real accomplishment for moving there.

Is it such a big deal because maybe by societal standards I’m expected to have kids by now… I don’t want to use that as an excuse, but I’m not coming up with too much more. Is it because I think at 35 I should own property (a house) or have a higher paying job (I know that money isn’t everything but it does make things a bit easier at times)?

What else could it be? Any suggestions for thoughts from those of you approaching this odd number or from those of you for who it is well behind you?

I have a feeling I’ll be contemplating this for at least another 13 days…

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