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Four Blissful (or semi-blissful) DAYS… (revised)

We’re back from Monterey where we spent four semi-blissful days. For us, they were terrific: we rented a dog-friendly cottage in Pacific Grove where we saw more deer than sea lions (I think), ran along the trail from Lover’s Point down to the Wharf and back with Bella; rode bikes from Cannery Row out to 17 Mile Drive and back; dined at delish restaurants and ate with friends and family; took naps whenever we pleased; sat out on our deck and relaxed; listened to great music at Fandango’s; perused the Farmer’s Market and bought fresh cherries; went shopping at the outlets; and had breakfast in bed all four days!

The drama happened on the second day – Tuesday. After our 4 mile run, Bella still had energy; so, we took her to an off-leash park. She was wandering through the scrub oaks when all of a sudden her crazy switch flipped and she started running with reckless abandon, her tongue lolling out of her mouth and a sparkle in her eyes. Terrence and I watched her, laughing at how much fun she was having, when all of a sudden we heard a yelping like no other and Bella came running over to us, shaking and whimpering. We checked her paws and her range of motion and everything seemed okay. Except that she was limping and wouldn’t put any weight on her left back leg.

We figured she pulled a muscle like she’s been known to do in the past; so, we gave her her anti-inflamatory/pain relief medication, but by Thursday, she wasn’t any better:( so we took her to Dr. Lichlyter, where we received the bad news… she tore a ligament in her knee, which will require surgery if we want her to be a normal four-legged active dog without bad arthritis. Currently, T affectionately calls her “Tripod” and we have to lift her in and out of the car and on and off the bed. It breaks my heart to see her limping around and getting fatigued after walking only 2 blocks:(. Her surgery won’t be for another 3 or 4 weeks; so, she’ll be tri-pedding it around for a little while.

I’ll let you know how the surgery goes… until then…