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Life Is Too Short For Too Many

I love teaching, in part because I get the pleasure of meeting so many great individuals. But the hard part for me right now is realizing that I can’t keep them all ‘safe’ and that the more people you know the greater chance of tragedy happening to someone you know.

This has been a really difficult semester for me. First I lose a student to suicide in September and last night I found out I lost another to a car accident – Casey Chapman

Casey was my student at DVC a couple of semesters ago. Being a teacher, I meet a lot of students and some really stick with you – you remember them — and Casey was one of those students.

He was so full of life – so positive – loved giving his speeches in my class – and always spoke from the heart and treated everyone respectfully while still managing to be the class clown. He always made me smile and I loved to banter back and forth with him inside and outside of class. He’d always tell me to send Terrence to see him at work at the Shane Co. to ‘hook’ us up.

Although we only had one semester together, we kept in touch and he offered words of condolence to me when one of my student committed suicide. I wish he were here to give me words of comfort now… I wonder what he’d say.

Casey – I will truly miss your presence and greatness you brought to this life we all share; you surely were a ‘diamond’ (inside joke ;-)!

To Casey’s friends and family – I’m so sorry for your loss; keep your hearts comforted and full with happy memories of Casey, I know I will.

Be safe all and remember to respect and enjoy life – in the moment.