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Chance Celebrity Sighting!!!

Okay, so Terrence and I are having a late lunch today at one of our fav neighborhood Mexican restaurants in Alameda when I say to T, “Hey, that guy loks familiar — he’s a rapper… I really think he’s a rapper”. And, T looks at him and says, “That’s Too $hort.” OMG… Life is… too short… how many times have I rapped along with that song … yes, even a white girl can memorize the lyrics – lol.

I was so excited!!! I kept saying, I want to go say ‘hi’ but then I didn’t want to bother him – I mean, he was waiting in line to pay for his to-go order. But, that didn’t stop me, especially when I had a REASON to approach him.

So, I got up and went over to him with a postcard in hand. I said, “I’m sure you hate when people come up to you, but I’ve been a fan of yours for so long that I couldn’t resist.” He then stuck out his hand for a shake (very polite!). I said, “Hi, I’m Cat” and as I handed him the PR postcard, I continued with, “This is my husband; if you get a chance, you should come check him out at Yoshi’s in a few weeks.” He said, “Cool, thanks.”

Okay, I know, I know, so lame, but I get so tongue-tied when I’m star struck — I mean come on, this is Too $hort!!! Wouldn’t it be ridiculously cool if he actually came to Yoshi’s!!! And, really, Alameda? Too $hort in Alameda? LOL I LOVE IT!!!!