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18 Again?!

Way back when I was 18, getting ready to graduate from Antioch High School, I attended Grad Night ’89 at Disneyland. Eight long hours on a smelly bus with teen hormones raging and the excitement of being up all night and away from our parents with nary a chaperon in sight.

It was the night that I first saw NKOTB perform live. And, it was a blast!!! Special shout out to Ginger (Zimmerman) for lifting me on her shoulders so I could scream for the members of the boy band – lol.

I remember yelling, “I love you Danny Wood!” and Jordan Knight replying, “I love you, too!” and I said, “No, I said I love DANNY WOOD” as I held up my finger nails that spelled it out — gotta love airbrush and sequins. Oh the drama!

That concert started it all for me… an obsession of sorts: over 20 concerts from Sac town to Mt. View and everywhere in between including Great America, countless worn out cassette tapes, getting up at what back then seemed like an ungodly hour to watch them on the Today Show, sleeping under that hideous pink comforter and sheets, wearing that turquoise tour jacket, spending oodles of moola on those Teen mags (which have now just been replaced by US Magazine) and raspy/lost voices from screaming and yes, crying.

Oh, the memories mostly make me smile. Mostly because I spent so much time with my best friend LeeAnn Chavez Stallings back then. So many good times… so much sadness that she’s no longer here with us. I know she’d be just as giddy as I am about the reunion. And, I know she’d go with me to the concerts and we’d dance in the car and sing along to the CD’s and scream and cry and try again (and succeed again) to get backstage… Oh Nelson!!! Such a nice guy – can’t say they were all that nice…

For all these years, since the band disappeared, I’ve shared my NKOTB secrets with only a select few; I found that I mostly got teased when I let it slip that I LOVED them way back when or when I shared the dozens of concert and backstage pics, but I always stood my ground. And, now, well, what can I say…. I’m so excited!!! And yes, I was one of the few ’older’ fans — older when I compare my 18 year old self with all the twelve year olds – lol. But, that’s not stopping me now. I know my husband doesn’t understand that it’s just a girl-hood crush, but at least he won’t begrudge me going to their concert(s) even if I have to drive to LA! LOL

Can’t wait to hear the new music and see the new moves and relive the girlhood memories… I know LeeAnn will be there with me in spirit!

See ya at the concerts!