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Forced Down Time (a.k.a Oh, Woe Is Me)

Well, it’s perfect timing to catch you all up on my life, since as of this morning at 6:30am I have become somewhat immobile, tearing (why couldn’t it just be a pull or strain??) my right calf muscle. So, what does that mean? Well, Kaiser ER put me in a half cast from my foot up to my high thigh (why couldn’t the cast at least be sexy? – lol), on crutches, with the impending fact that I’m waiting to get a phone call from Orthopedics telling me I might need a full cast, which in turn will mean that not only will I be on crutches for three months but that I won’t be able to even DRIVE! How’s that for a run on sentence?

You know the most irritating thing about this is that I was up at 5:15 and at the gym by 5:45am and had to cut my damn workout short because of this injury. Oh well, at least I can still lift weights for my upper body!

Okay, so other than this *minor* setback, which I’m taking as a sign to slow down a bit, here’s my life update:

Job #1 – DVC
LOVING it! Probably won’t be asked back next semester as they hired a FT faculty (got passed over for that position) and won’t need as many PT’ers and since I was the last to get hired, I’m the first to go.

Not sure if I’ll be teaching at LMC in the Fall due to the fact that I stood up for myself against the Department Chair, which probably pissed her off, and I’m not her ‘favorite’ – oh well! Oh well, except that I’m desperately missing teaching or the idea of not doing it next semester!

Job #2 – Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
LOVING it! I received a promotion in December; In addition to everything I was doing there before (Parade Manager), I am now the Executive Director of Leadership Oakland, which I absolutely adore — it’s a ‘teaching’ program of sorts and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for the past three years upon graduating from a Leadership class in San Leandro. Here’s the website if you want to check it out:

Job #3 – Marketing & Promotions Manager for Terrence Brewer (yep, my husband). He just put out 2 all original CD’s that he wrote the music and arrangements for, played the music on, and produced the CD’s! His official CD release party is June 1st at Jazz at Pearls – a pretty famous jazz club in San Francisco. And since I do the marketing and promotions, it would be remiss of me not to include his website or that of the venue where he will be playing His CD’s will be on iTunes, and Borders by June!

It’s all very exciting as he is somewhat becoming a bit of a local celebrity, with some radio play and recognition by the media — watch out red carpet, I’ll be there (at least by his side and they’ll probably cut me out of the pictures) one day!

Job #4 – Fitness Instructor
Welllllll, I won’t be doing that any time soon. Actually, I am teaching a class tomorrow – a cycling class – but I’ll be off the bike instructing it. I need the cash-ola!

Job #5 – Student
Yep, student – and yes, I count that as a job! I decided to take some online classes to further my education and I can only tell you it’s kicking my ass! I only had fond memories of being a student in school, but this online class is quickly changing that. It’s an accelerated class, so thankfully, it’s over in 8 more weeks!

Okay, whew! I’m tired now…. off to answer emails and catch up on homework… what else do I have to do???

Removing an Elephant From a Room

So, I’m going to write about something from my past… almost a year ago – and then from the present…

For close to three years, I worked for a local privately owned garbage and recycling company, whose name I cannot say, but whose initials are ACI. Now this is not to sound pompous or conceited or ostentatious, but I did a lot for the public image of the company, including but not limited to strengthening relationships with city officials and employees, creating a positive face in the community through education, community events, and becoming involved with the Alameda and San Leandro Chamber’s of Commerce (hmmmm, now you know what communities the company services).

After three of years of hard work and being recognized for it by the Chambers (Board member, committee member) – never the employer – I was ‘let go’ from my job. I was not given a reason for my being ‘let go’ but I had a darn good inkling.

About two months prior to my ‘loss of employment’, one of the owner’s daughter’s started working for the company and started asking me lots of questions about my position. A few weeks before my ‘loss’ (which was actually a gain that I just couldn’t see and is now actually one of the best things that ever happened to me) she gave me one of her new business cards. Under her name was my title. Hmmm, curious… or not really. I was ‘let go’ soon after that.

Most of my close friends and associates knew the reason for my separation, which was a relief since my employer made me sign an agreement not to discuss my employment with the company — not necessarily my ‘unemployment with the company’ — and asked me to remain professional because I had formed quite a few close friendships with prominent people in the community and I think he wanted me to save his face. Let’s put it this way, I was as diplomatic about it as any shattered, self-esteem devastated, unemployed gal could be. I mean look, it’s taken me almost a year to even write it for the world to see.

Needless to say, whenever I was in the same room as my former employer, which was many times due to my connections in the community and going to events, there was definite a big pink elephant in the room.

I was bitter for a few months about the treatment I received, but almost 6 months later and once again employed, and the realization that my life was so much better (even sans owning a home), a fateful evening occured.

T and I attended an awards banquet for the Alameda Chamber. T performed for the reception before dinner, which was recognized numerous times by the event’s MC, a certain gentleman wiht the initials TG. And the person presenting the award for community service, the very award I presented the previous year, was presented by the girl who had replaced me.

Sidebar: I’m a firm believer in karma

As she finished giving the award and was leaving the stage, the MC said, “Let’s thank *Corrie Dogbert for presenting that award, thank you Corrie. Now, Corrie, how is that you got that job? Oh, that’s right, your dad is *Will Dogbert”.

My head spun around so fast to look at Terrence, with what I’m sure was a dropped jaw and a mouth wide open, which quickly turned into the biggest grin. I asked, “Did he really just say that? Did he really just call it out and say it like it is?” Terrence assured me I was not just hearing things, that, yes, in deed, TG said what he said. He said only what everyone knew but never voiced in public.

Although up for one nomination that evening, Ambassador of the year, which I didn’t win, I won something far better – my dignity, pride, the ability to not feel awkward anymore when I am in the same room as ‘her’, and a sense that karma (or maybe it was just TG) really was in action that evening!

I turned around to Tom with the biggest smile possible and said, “I didn’t even have to slip you a $20 for that!” He just grinned at me.

Fast forward 4 months to the present:

I saw TG tonight and I thanked him for that evening. He actually didn’t even remember it (but I’ll never forget it!). He said that he sees *Corrie all the time and she’s still really nice to him. I said she probably didn’t get it and that it went over her head. We laughed together along with my gal pal KB and I relished in the memory of that night.

Is is so wrong that I receive so much pleasure from that memory?  Nah! It was one small victory in removing the elephant and putting it back in its place – no where in my psyche.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent 😉

Life Is Good…

My life is good right now, really good. One of my favorite clothing brands is called Life Is Good. Their motto is Do what you love, love what you do. So true. I think when you adhere to this motto, life just falls into place, like right now for T and me.

T has been playing a lot and has been really busy with his recording. We should be sending the CD’s off for duplication by next week and have them back by the 2nd week of February or so. There’ll be some CD release parties – you’ll have to keep checking the site for the upcoming dates – or, even better, check out T’s website:!

My work is good, too, at the Chamber and at school. I’m really enjoying it at the Chamber. I participated in a Leadership Program for San Leandro a few years ago (2003 – 2004). Every since the initial retreat, I have known I wanted to be the director/facilitator of one. Well, I tried starting one in a small local community (no, no names – but it’s the only Chamber of Commerce/City from San Jose to Santa Rosa out to Brentwood that doesn’t have one) and it didn’t go – the CEO, even though she claimed she wanted it, obviously didn’t, since I found out that even though she said she took it to the BOD for approval and they denied it, she didn’t take it to them! Oh well… on to bigger and better Ch… things.

Obviously, because I got my break at the Oakland Chamber. The person who directed the Leadership Oakland program quit the Chamber and my boss let me take it over. I’m very excited about facilitating it; even though it’s a lot of coordinating, it’s definitely a lot of fun! I’m getting to meet some of Oakland’s top Business leaders and making wonderful connections. Our first session was this past Friday and all day long I felt like I was on a high — floating on a cloud. I can’t thank my boss enough for allowing me this opportunity to realize a 3 year old dream. Thank you, Joe!

So, school (DVC) starts tomorrow, which I’ll be reviewing for as soon as I’m done typing this blog. My schedule is crazy: M/W/F 10-11 @ DVC and then 1-6pm at the Chamber. Then on T/Th, I’m at the Chamber from 8:30am – 5pm. And then, (as if that wasn’t enough) I’ve been subbing some step and cycling classes at Harbor Bay Club on the weekends. Whew! Even with all the craziness in my schedule, my life is still great!  (If I only knew then how easy this schedule was going to be… lol – 7/20/08)

And, now, finally, a quick movie review: Last Holiday – you should definitely go see it! I saw it this weekend with my friend Mary. It’s really funny and very cute! A bit inspiring and a sort of challenge to push you out of your comfort zone. Good stuff, especially if you love Queen Latifah, Gerard Depardieu, and L.L. Cool J.

Okay, off to work/school…

More later