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hug: a tight clasp with the arms; embrace

I know, it’s a simple word – only three letters – but it can be so powerful.  It’s a form of nonverbal communication that carries a multitude of meanings: I care for you; it’s been so long since I’ve seen you – I missed you; I’m here to console you; it’s nice to meet you; and I love you.

Such a small word but such a huge gesture.  I meet people all the time, and, call me an optimist, but I think most people are really cool… you just have to take the time to get to know them, to discover who they are and to nurture those relationships.  Every person is unique; every person has a story; every person is fighting their own battle…

I met someone today for the first time and without really knowing who I am, they hugged me.  Now, this is what I usually do to people; it’s not often that someone makes the move first and it really touched me – thus, the impetus for this blog.

So, next time you see someone and it’s been awhile, or you know someone has had a hard day, or if you’re just meeting someone and there’s just that connection of brother or sister-hood, give ’em a hug… it can make a world of difference in someone’s day; it did mine.

With hugs,


Heavy Heart

My heart is heavy today… it’s been one year since my student Matt took his own life.  I don’t think a day has gone by that he hasn’t entered my thoughts.  His unnecessary death reminds me to appreciate my life and keep believing that the subject of depression will receive more attention and people will get the help they need.  There is always hope.

Live your own “Radiant Life”

If someone asked me why I started chiropractic care, I would have told them it was specifically due to TMJ after a four hour root canal. However, after experiencing chiropractic care for the past four six months, I am firmly rooted in the belief that our biology is our biography and it’s not only a root canal that brought me to my current state – it’s the 37 years I’ve been alive.

I began experiencing symptoms related to TMJ four years ago; but in September 2007, the pain became increasingly worse.  I attempted to heal through traditional Western medicine practices, but to no avail – muscle relaxants, mouth guards, pain medication, soft food and eventually even liquid diets did nothing to improve my physical state, or my mental state for that matter.  I then tried an eastern approach and took natural herbs and went to acupuncture twice a week for four months, in conjunction with weekly massages and yet, nothing helped.

One evening the pain in the left side of my face became so severe, I could barely open my mouth; it hurt to talk let alone smile.  I endured a sleepless pain-filled night and could barely function the next day because the pain was so great.  I’d heard before that chiropractic care could help, but the thought of someone adjusting the bones in my face kinda freaked me out a bit.  However, I was desperate and asked my neighbor Stephanie Harris, a student of chiropractic, for a recommendation.  She told me to call Dr. Dannielle and Dr. Ron.

Although I was nervous and apprehensive, I couldn’t tolerate the pain any longer.  I called Radiant Life and met with Dr. Ron that evening.  Little did I know that my consultation and first adjustment would be the beginning of a process that changed my life in such a short time.

Through Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI), some reading on my own, and the knowledge and care of Drs. Ron and Dannielle, I am discovering my body’s innate ability to heal itself.  I’ve discovered pain is so much more than just a physical symptom; it is emotional, spiritual, and while deeply personal and individual, it is connected to a larger energy from which we can all learn great personal lessons.  This is absolutely a new, amazing, and exciting concept to me.  I know that chiropractic care will forever be a part of my lifestyle as it is a way of life that enables me to take care of myself in a natural way.

I feel so fortunate to know and experience that chiropractic care in conjunction with being self-aware, acknowledging, respecting and honoring your life events can truly be a life-altering experience.  Since receiving adjustments, I have noticed (and so has my husband!) that I am generally more calm, at peace, and more introspective and aware of my being.  I am beginning to learn patience, healing, forgiveness, tolerance, and self-love.  This is the first time I have felt that my body knows what it needs to heal itself instead of just trying to fix or mask the ‘problem’ with other remedies or quick fixes.

I hope by sharing my story, others will explore chiropractic care and reap the benefits of a better physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and “Radiant” life.

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