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Could It Get Any Better Than This???

I’m not sure…

Let’s see, my article was published online today at Bay Area BusinessWomen News and will be in print and circulation by Friday! I’m so excited, as it’s my first legitimate piece to be published besides a play review and my monthly articles for the OBR, which don’t count, because they’re for work.

Next, I ‘bleu-pered’ my mom on Star 101.3 FM with well-known air personality, Don Bleu. It was great fun! My mom was totally surprised and hasn’t stopped laughing about it more than a week later…. It aired on Wednesday 8/2 and Thursday 8/3, which happens to be Terrence’s birthday and the perfect segway into my next rant…

Terrence was on ABC’s/KGO’s Channel 7’s View from the Bay today!!! It was fantastic! He received 9 minutes and 45 seconds of FABULOUS air time! He was interviewed by Spencer Christian (weather for Good Morning America for years) and Janelle Wang — she is a total sweetheart!

We had the best time and were treated like royalty: we were in the green room hanging out;

Walter, Cindy, and Daria kept checking on us to make sure we were okay; they surprised Terrence with a birthday cake on air (I had a head’s up to it, but kept mum about it to him:); he had a great interview and played Cat Nap! It really was a surreal moment in time but it’s captured on our TiVo!!! You’ll be able to see it soon on T’s website.

Well, that’s it for now… going to my last faculty training workshop for University of Phoenix on Friday and can’t wait to start teaching there and at DVC in the fall — in just a few weeks!

Off to brush and floss…