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Chance Celebrity Sighting!!!

Okay, so Terrence and I are having a late lunch today at one of our fav neighborhood Mexican restaurants in Alameda when I say to T, “Hey, that guy loks familiar — he’s a rapper… I really think he’s a rapper”. And, T looks at him and says, “That’s Too $hort.” OMG… Life is… too short… how many times have I rapped along with that song … yes, even a white girl can memorize the lyrics – lol.

I was so excited!!! I kept saying, I want to go say ‘hi’ but then I didn’t want to bother him – I mean, he was waiting in line to pay for his to-go order. But, that didn’t stop me, especially when I had a REASON to approach him.

So, I got up and went over to him with a postcard in hand. I said, “I’m sure you hate when people come up to you, but I’ve been a fan of yours for so long that I couldn’t resist.” He then stuck out his hand for a shake (very polite!). I said, “Hi, I’m Cat” and as I handed him the PR postcard, I continued with, “This is my husband; if you get a chance, you should come check him out at Yoshi’s in a few weeks.” He said, “Cool, thanks.”

Okay, I know, I know, so lame, but I get so tongue-tied when I’m star struck — I mean come on, this is Too $hort!!! Wouldn’t it be ridiculously cool if he actually came to Yoshi’s!!! And, really, Alameda? Too $hort in Alameda? LOL I LOVE IT!!!!

“Watch the vertical, Camera 3!”

Saturday afternoon found us driving to T’s gig at Anchorage Square on Fisherman’s Wharf when his cell phone rang (what else is new?). He starts chatting away with Marshall – the MAN – Lamm (you’ll know why in the next sentence why he’s THE MAN!). Marshall books for the Sonoma Wine and Jazz Concert, where T was scheduled to play the next afternoon. But, Marshall needed someone to represent the concert series at the KPIX Channel 5 news station for the Sunday morning news — and who did he call? Terrence Brewer!

So, on Sunday morning we drove to SF and Terrence was interviewed by Lisa Chan and Joe Vazquez and had a chance to play live on air on KPIX morning news from 7:30 – 8:30am. Then, the same news crew hosts the UPN Channel 44 morning news from 8:30 – 9:30am and they asked him to stay for that; so, he was interviewed again and played some more.

It was very cool, especially since some people up in Sonoma said they came up just to see Terrence because they saw him on the news. It looks as if I may have to compete with either 6 year olds or 60-something women for Terrence’s affection;).

Needless to say, that experience was crazy enough, but the Monday prior (5/22/06), T had his 1-hour radio interview on with Chris Cortez, then a feature article on Thursday (5/25/06) in the Contra Costa Times.

And, if all that wasn’t enough, T filmed a segment for Back in the Day with Satin Dawl for public access TV today (5/30/06) and all I kept hearing was, “Watch the vertical, Camera 3!”

Yeah, someone – the director – actually said that to me! I can now add camera operator to my resume. When we showed up at the studio (right here in good ‘ol Alameda) they were short one camera operator and somehow, I was recruited for the job — my name is actually going to roll in the credits – how funny is that! Camera 3 is in charge of all the close-up’s of the host — watch for my fancy work:).

More musical mishaps to follow…