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Surgery Woes

Well, Bella had her surgery. Dr. Scott Lichlyter and his staff out at Brentwood Family Pet Care, especially Kindra and LeeAnn, are THE BEST!!! (see Kindra’s handiwork on B’s wrap:). Why else would we drive over 60 miles to take Bella and our cats to the them!

Bella seems to be recovering nicely after a few very stressful days – antibiotics and tranquilizers don’t mix well in her tummy – enough said! But, oh, the tranquilizers… I can get used to having a mellow dog!

She sleeps all the time and doesn’t require long walks (actually, she’s not supposed to walk a lot, just a couple of houses down for potty breaks). But, I do miss being able to go on long walks and runs with her; I miss the companionship. So does T. But, her spirits are high, and she gets to snuggle with her kitties…

She gets her staples out next Tuesday and then starts physical therapy – luckily we get to do that from home:). I’ll let you know how that goes…