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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow…

Three days together, three whole days together… well, almost three whole days, how about 2 – 3/4 days. T and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary (9 years together!) this weekend up in Lake Tahoe. Where do I begin?

This is the first time since….. hmmmm, can’t remember, that we’ve had this many days together, alone – no phones, no computers, nothing to do! When was the last time???? Not the holidays – I went back East. I guess it was our last anniversary – we went to Monterey with the dog:). We’ll be going there again in two weeks… T has a wedding he’s playing; I’m going to hang out with dog and relax (and probably do some homework).

So, back to Tahoe… It was the first time I’ve been in snow in almost 20
years and the first time in it with T! The last time doesn’t count; I was 16 and went with an ex-boyfriend and his family – a really funny/bad skiing experience, which resulted in me having to take my skis off and walk down a Black Diamond run. Anyway, we headed up to Tahoe right after my DVC class and had a wonderful time!

We saw Kathy Griffin ( )live at Cesaer’s Tahoe (where we stayed). She was hilarious! She dished on Paula Abdul, Star Jones, Jane Seymour, Celine Dion and Oprah!  And the really cool thing about the show was that I ran into a former classmate from elementary school – Bree Vinci!!!

Let’s see, what else… we gambled, walked around town in the snow, soaked in the jacuzzi tub in our hotel room, buffeted it up, and took naps whenever we pleased… ah the life. I could really get used to living like that… but then it’s back to the real world, which isn’t so bad, really!

T’s CD’s should be arriving this week (fingers crossed for Thursday), the day of a big gig in downtown Oakland at @17th. I absolutely can’t wait! His CD’s are effen awesome and the gig is going to be great – he’s playing with Wil Blades (organ) and Scott Amendola (drums). I am so very proud of my husband!! Check out his website at or at to hear some music

I had my first movie review published in the Alameda Sun ( on our anniversary – Thursday, March 2, 2006, and I have Leadership Oakland session coming up on Friday, which is always a thrill! ( And, I am loving this semester at DVC more than ever — teaching is such a joy for me, I can’t imagine my life without it!

Okay, enough rambling…

Oh, there’s a Mastercard commercial, you know the …. ‘Priceless’ ones asking for submissions of your own ‘Priceless’ Commercial. The wheels are turning…

Stay Tuned.