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CD’s – Here, There & Everywhere!

How many CD’s do you have in your collection? 200? 300? 500? Maybe, just maybe, you have 1000? That’s a lot of CD’s taking up a fair amount of space.

Now imagine 5,000 CD’s! Yep, 5,000 CD’s. That’s right, 5,000 CD’s in our 765 square foot apartment! Who’da thought? Obviously my husband.

But, for sure 4,956 CD’s are for sale… wanna buy one, two, three, fourteen? They’re great stocking stuffers, really. Shop early and get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping. 2 for $20 — that’s just a little over a $1.00/song – a good deal, especially when they go on sale through iTunes and I’m really not kidding.

A big ‘thank-you’ to Pete Halberstat for purchasing the first two CD’s; right on man! Oh, and Terrence’ll leave you before he leaves me;P

Okay, so friends galore showed up at the event last Thursday night — Julia, Sharon, Kala, Gorcey, Lujan… it was great! It’s really nice to know that friends support your (our in this case your spouse’s) creative efforts:). Marshall Lamm puts on a good party!

The trio sounded great and T and I handed out a bunch of CD’s — even got two in the hands of Reese Erlich — hoping for a great review! Reese Erlich has something like 52,000 hits on Google — he’s the man:) Let me give a brief story about him…

Back in 1999, only a couple of years after we’d started dating, I took a class at CSU Hayward called the History of Jazz. I wanted to impress T and learn about this thing called jazz that he was sooooo very passionate about. For one of my assignments, I had to review a band; so, we went to Yoshi’s.

There was a gentleman there taking notes as furiously as I was and I asked if he was a reporter. His reply was ‘yes’. After further chit chat, I said, “My boyfriend, here, is a jazz guitarist and he’s going to have a CD one day and I’ll make sure you get a copy so you can review it.”

Almost 7 years later, my husband has 2 CD’s and they’re in the hands of Reese Erlich. Funny, I told Mr. Erlich this when I gave him the CD’s and he remembered – he frickin’ remembered! He even visited Terrence backstage after the show… review reeese, reese review, review review reese, review….

Okay, so really, do yourself a favor and our credit card, buy a CD…. uno, dos, tres, catorce!