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What Would You Do?

if there was an earthquake, or a flood, or a fire, or any other type of disaster – natural or not?

I never gave much thought to this, except to think, “Wow, we really need to get a few extra water bottles” when our deliveries were scheduled to arrive.

But, about a year ago, for my Leadership program, I asked a dear friend to speak at the session on Public Safety. What I learned from her was invaluable. Now, I know you’re probably thinking “Oh, that won’t happen” or “I’ll be fine”, or something like that – I know, because I thought and sometimes still think that same way. So, I won’t ‘lecture’ on this, but I will share the top five important tips I learned that day. It might save your life or the life of someone you know.

1) ALWAYS carry a WHISTLE with you at all times – preferably on your keychain – and remember: 1 for ‘yes’ and 2 for ‘no’.
Why? A whistle can be heard louder than your voice when calling for help and it lasts longer than your voice – trust this, as it’s coming from someone who gets laryngitis regularly:)

2) ALWAYS carry a FLASHLIGHT with you at all times – preferably on your keychain – and remember: 1 for ‘yes’ and 2 for ‘no’.
Why? A flashlight beam is seen easier in the dark than someone waving their hands or a piece of fabric

3) ALWAYS carry a FLASHDRIVE with you at all times – preferably on your keychain.
Why? You can put all your important information on it: driver’s license, ssn, medications, medical history, medical record numbers/insurance information, emergency contact information – names, addresses, and numbers of family members, credit card number(s), etc. Anything you think you may need in case of an emergency that can help you obtain food, shelter, medicine.

4) ALWAYS carry at least $50 CASH with you at all times – preferably in a waterproof container on your keychain.
Why? Because the ATM’s might not work and how else are you going to get funds to help you survive?

5) ALWAYS have some sort of EMERGENCY PLAN
Why? It’s always a good idea to have an evacuation plan or just knowing who to call or where to meet to know everyone is accounted for and okay.

Well, that’s it – it sounds pretty simple, huh? Well, that’s because it is! Your safety should not be complicated – it should be simple for you to take care of yourself.

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