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It Really Is the Small Things That Count

T had a gig last night at a ‘listening’ venue — not some restaurant where the music is meant to be heard in the background and the the conversations are usually louder than the music – but a real listening venue.

Okay, let me take a moment of your time and define the difference between hearing and listening (all my students reading this better be able to define it!).

Hearing is a physiological process where sound waves are taken in and recognized by the eardrums. Listening is an active process where you become mindful, select, organize, interpret, respond, and remember information. You can ‘hear’ many things and not really ‘listen’ to them. Take for instance, you’re busy typing or reading something on the internet and your loved one in the other room is talking to you. You can ‘hear’ that they’re saying something, but you’re not listening to them (shame on you!) because you are not being mindful and choosing to organize in your mind what they are saying so that you can respond to them and remember what they’ve said.

So, as I was saying before my typing was interrupted by a vagrant who tried to shimmy his way between our house and the neighbors fence to ‘take a drink’ and then insulted me and called me m’am . Where’s a good watch dog when you need one??? Pit bulls are vicious my a#@! Bella didn’t even give a bark… okay, where was I? Oh yes….

Terrence played a listening venue last night in Berkeley – Anna’s Jazz Island. And, as the guys were playing and taking turns with solos, people were clapping, not just at the end of each song, but AFTER EACH SOLO! I leaned over to a friend and whispered, “You know, it’s the small things that count; it’s just nice to hear people clap after a solo without me having to start the clapping and to know people are really listening and enjoying the music”. 🙂

If you want to ‘listen’ and enjoy the music, check out or come to an upcoming gig — there’s lot’s of ’em! — Most notably his CD release party at Jazz at Pearls in SF on Thursday, June 1st.

Proud as a Peacock!

I’m so excited for Terrence: He has a CD review coming out tomorrow in the Alameda Sun; his liner notes are going to be published in April in the Music Scene and he’s going to be on the cover of it in June with a review of his CD’s; and the Alameda Magazine is looking to do a feature on him in an upcoming issue!!! He has two CD release parties — one in SF at Pearls ( on June 1st and one in the East Bay – Kelly’s in Alameda on June 3rd. He has some awesome community events coming up and is playing the Sonoma Jazz Festival at the end of May!

What else you ask? Well, you’ll just have to check out his newly revamped website ( starting April 4th… the official release date of his CD’s!

This is so wonderful; I feel just like a proud peacock!