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“Watch the vertical, Camera 3!”

Saturday afternoon found us driving to T’s gig at Anchorage Square on Fisherman’s Wharf when his cell phone rang (what else is new?). He starts chatting away with Marshall – the MAN – Lamm (you’ll know why in the next sentence why he’s THE MAN!). Marshall books for the Sonoma Wine and Jazz Concert, where T was scheduled to play the next afternoon. But, Marshall needed someone to represent the concert series at the KPIX Channel 5 news station for the Sunday morning news — and who did he call? Terrence Brewer!

So, on Sunday morning we drove to SF and Terrence was interviewed by Lisa Chan and Joe Vazquez and had a chance to play live on air on KPIX morning news from 7:30 – 8:30am. Then, the same news crew hosts the UPN Channel 44 morning news from 8:30 – 9:30am and they asked him to stay for that; so, he was interviewed again and played some more.

It was very cool, especially since some people up in Sonoma said they came up just to see Terrence because they saw him on the news. It looks as if I may have to compete with either 6 year olds or 60-something women for Terrence’s affection;).

Needless to say, that experience was crazy enough, but the Monday prior (5/22/06), T had his 1-hour radio interview on with Chris Cortez, then a feature article on Thursday (5/25/06) in the Contra Costa Times.

And, if all that wasn’t enough, T filmed a segment for Back in the Day with Satin Dawl for public access TV today (5/30/06) and all I kept hearing was, “Watch the vertical, Camera 3!”

Yeah, someone – the director – actually said that to me! I can now add camera operator to my resume. When we showed up at the studio (right here in good ‘ol Alameda) they were short one camera operator and somehow, I was recruited for the job — my name is actually going to roll in the credits – how funny is that! Camera 3 is in charge of all the close-up’s of the host — watch for my fancy work:).

More musical mishaps to follow…

Muh Muh Muh My Sharona…

Or how about ‘Oh, Donna, oh, Donna?’

The Knack, Ritchie Valens… Terrence Brewer!

Even though there are no words to it, KCSM played my song on the radio at 7:44:57pm – Cat Nap (For Cathy).

So, I’m at home, sittin’ in my comfy chair with my Turbo Boot off, listening on my iBook to a live stream of the Bay Area’s most popular jazz station – no not KBLX (no offense, but that’s not real jazz – that’s smooth jazz — and fyi: Kenny G is not allowed in our house!) but 91.1fm KCSM all the while thinking of the homework I should be doing instead of the 50 things I was doing. When all of a sudden, I heard a familiar melody coming from a familiar sounding guitar – and – OH MY GOD! THAT’S TERRENCE PLAYING CAT NAP!!! MY SONG!!

Before I actually knew what I was doing, I jumped up from my chair and ran to the door, actually jogged or hopped or possibly even flew out to the car to hear it on the car radio! There is was loud and clear, my husband on the radio! I knew the station had been playing songs from his CD’s since Tuesday, but it was the first time I actually heard him on the radio and playing my song (okay, enough of ‘my song’, I know, I know – I’m just so excited!).

So, as I’m listening I call T (who didn’t answer because he’s playing a gig at Butterfly), then my mom, then Janet, then Angela and as my neighbor pulled up, I yelled, “Hey do you hear this?” and he said, “Yeah“, and I said, “That’s my husband on the radio!“. I wanted to start the engine and drive through the streets yelling “THIS IS MY WONDERFUL HUSBAND THEY’RE PLAYING ON THE RADIO!!!” at the top of my lungs – but, I did show some self-restraint:)

Sidebar: I’m so excited at this point I feel like I’m going to throw up.

So, when it finishes, the DJ, Greg Bridges says, “That’s new music from guitarist Terrence Brewer off The Calling: Volume One. Terrence brings special sounds to the night with Cat Nap, for Cathy“. So, you know when I hear my name being said I did let out a squeal of delight that I’m sure the whole neighborhood, well at least two neighbors down on either side of us, heard.

After some minutes pass talking to my mom, recounting the entire episode, I decided to call the station and thank the DJ for playing it.

So, here’s how the conversation goes…

Me: “Hi, if my husband knew I was calling, he’d probably kill me, but I just wanted to say thank you for playing the song by Terrence Brewer – Cat Nap

Him: “Oh, you know the song?

Me: “Yeah, it was written for me!

Him: [with surprise] “Oh, your husband doesn’t know that?

Me: [getting tongue-tied] “No, he does, he is my huband

Him: “What?

Me: “Terrence – Terrence Brewer is my husband!

Him: [laughing] “Oh. Sure. No problem, I really like the albums.

Me: “Oh, thank you, that means so much coming from station guys like you

Him: “Where do you live?

Me: “We live in Alameda.

Him: “Oh, you’re local?

Me: “Yeah

Him: “Well, I DJ at a station in Berkeley, KPFA, and I’d love it if Terrence came in and brought his guitar and played something and we could talk.

Me: [grinning from ear to ear] “Well, you’re talking to the right person. I do marketing and promotions for him. Do you have an email address where he can contact you?

Him: “Yes, it’s…” [you didn’t think I was going to give it away did you?

Me: “Oh, he’ll definitely be in touch with you; this is great. I’m so glad I called.

Him: “I’m glad you called too. Gotta run – we’ll be in touch”

Me: “Bye

Him: “Bye Cat


See, you just never know what a phone call can do for a person… or expressing your gratitude in the present, for that matter!

So, another live radio interview soon… details to follow…

Musical Excitement

Have you ever just felt like YELLING FROM THE ROOFTOPS with joy!

I did for the better part of today.

Yesterday was Terrence’s official CD release date. At lunch today, he called a few press contacts to see if they received their press kit including CD’s. He just so happened to speak to Chuy Varella from 91.1 KCSM, who said HE LOVED TERRENCE’S CD’S AND THAT THE STATION HAD PUT THEM INTO ROTATION ON TUESDAY — THEY PLAYED THREE SONGS!!!

You can’t imagine my elation when T called to share this with me — I can’t get a grasp on it myself! All I know was that I couldn’t contain my tears of joy! And then he said that CHUY INVITED HIM ON FOR A LIVE RADIO INTERVIEW ON MONDAY, MAY 22nd AT 1pm!!!


Of course the interview happens to fall on the day of my final at the college (it’s gonna have to be a quick one folks!) but I’ll race back home and we’ll head off to the City together! I’m not even the one who is going to be interviewed but I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!
I even told Joe that I had to take the day off to go with him… I think he understood:) – Thanks, Joe!

There, so how’s that for an exciting entry?