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Day Four – January 6, 2007

Day four was probably one of the most relaxed days we had in NYC. We actually slept in and went to the hotel gym in the morning, then just layed around – in no rush to get anywhere.

When we were good and ready, we made our way to the Museum of Natural History; it was a great spot to be on a cold day, as was evidenced by everyone else that was there, too. It could have had something to do with the fact that Ben Stiller’s newest comedy – Night at the Museum, which filmed at the MONH in NYC had just opened up a week or two earlier.

We spent some time there walking among the dinosaurs, tigers , and butterflies – oh my!

After the museum, we hung out with our friends Jen Wharton and Wilson up in Washington Heights. And here’s where I become saddened. Wilson and Jen took us to this great Puerto Rican restaurant (can’t remember the name) where we had the best food ever – El Mofongo! Mashed plantains with pork baked inside and a delicious sauce over this concoction. Now, I’m happy to have discovered El Mofongo, but saddened because we cannot find a comparable item here in the Bay Area. We’ve searched high and low and visited the only 2 Puerto Rican restaurants we could find (SF and Oak-town) and they were such a disappointment – one of them didn’t even carry Mofongo – even though they said that everyone comes in asking for it – duh, what are you waiting for to add it to your menu?!?!

Okay, one day… maybe I’ll just have to learn how to make it or just move to Washington Heights! LOL