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I’ve been told that variety is the spice of life – I think I’d have to agree.

Unbelievably, I’ve been enjoying my time off (19 days) from teaching. I’m finding out what it’s like to explore a life with no hard and fast dates on my usually overly-booked calendar (of course, with the exception of my early morning cycling classes – yes, the wheels are always spinning… even in my sleep) and to do things that I enjoy, such as…

1) Throwing a surprise party for Terrence’s 33rd birthday.

I’ve had so many people say, “33? What’s so special about 33? 30, maybe; 40 for sure; 50 of course! But 33?” Well, let me explain: It’s my philosophy starting this year, that EVERY birthday is reason for celebration — big or small — but a celebration nonetheless!

Second, Terrence wanted a party (not necessarily a surprise party, though). When he asked, I was so stressed, I couldn’t think straight – teaching four summer classes definitely pushed me to my limits for time (and sanity!). So, I complained the whole time and finally got him to concede to a ‘family dinner’ party. But, the look of disappointment on his face, got to me… and so I shared my disappointment of disappointing him with my bestie, Victoria.

Well, if you know Vic, she’s always up for coordinating a party! (Hmmm, I see a side-career for her… she did coordinate our wedding beautifully almost 7 years ago!!! lol).

So, in two weeks time, we pulled off a great party without a single hitch! A special thank you to Keith H. (Vic’s friend and luckily our neighbor) for allowing me the use of his place to stash all the party stuff.

After our ‘family dinner’ at La Pinata in Alameda

The Brewer's at dinner

The Brewer's at dinner

over 50 people with horns and shouts…

surprised Terrence when he walked in the house

and even Bella and Barklee got in on the fun…

along with a few others…

All in all, it was a great night with lots of family, friends, and fun!!!

In addition to throwing parties, I’ve enjoyed…

2) Preparing for all seven of my classes next semester and finishing up with the final touches on my website for now (Thanks Mr. J.T.!) including posting my Course Guide Reader!!!


3) Attending a showing of the Drowsy Chaperone at the Orpheum Theatre in SF last night with my friend Terry Barton. Imagine my surprise, when one of the leads took the stage and I thought “Wow, he looks familiar!” With a little detective work in the Playbill, I realized that Jonathon Crombie, the “Man in Chair” was Gilbert Blythe from my favorite girlhood books and movies Anne of Green Gables. I was so excited to get his autograph on my Playbill and a picture with him 🙂

So, you’d think that throwing a surprise party, doing some website finangling, and having a celebrity encounter at the theatre in SF would be enough, but…

4) I also wrote a song… well, at least the lyrics to a song that Terrence wrote. You’ll have to stay tuned to hear it, but, don’t worry… I’m NOT singing it 😉

but to wrap up an exciting week, I am doing some pampering for me, T and Vic… we’re

5) Spending the day at My’ Amour Salon and Spa in San Leandro and then out to dinner at Flora in Oakland… now that’s what I call variety!