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Day Three – January 5, 2007

We began our third day in NYC with another tour – this time the NY TV & Movie Tour (big props to Terrence for creating such an exciting and fun-filled itinerary with the help of

We stopped at various locations throughout the City, including Pulitzer Fountain (Serendipity and more recently the Apprentice),

Tiffany & Co. (every girl’s dream – even just to wander around in there – so Charlotte!), NY Public Library (Mad About You and The Day After Tomorrow), St. Patrick’s Cathedral (Spiderman), The Empire Diner (Men in Black II),

Hogs & Heffers (Coyote Ugly), The Huxtables stoop (Cosby Show), The Friend’s Building, Rice to Riches (Hitch, Blind Date), Cafe Reggio (In Good Company, Law & Order, 13 Going on 30),

Blue Note Jazz Club,

McGraw Hill Building (The Devil Wears Prada), and my personal fav – Macy’s (Elf, Miracle on 34th Street), , as well as so many more!!!

We ate at a restaurant at the bottom of the Empire State Building – nothing to brag about – the restaurant that is, but they did steam some mean spinach!!! 🙂 Now the Empire State Building, which we actually visited on another day, was beautiful.

I’m not sure my description of the tour provides the right umph to the day, but it really was so much fun!

NY is so exciting; it’s a great place for pedestrians, too, not only because of the absolutely fabulous subway system, but we walked approximately 5 – 6 miles every single day – no doubt in our minds. It’s probably a good thing, too, since we ate as many desserts as we wanted whenever we wanted – gotta love NY!

Day Two – January 4, 2007

The day I had been looking forward to for the past six years finally arrived, and it did not disappoint – this was the day we went on the Sex and the City tour!!!

I’ll briefly describe the highlights of the tour, but if you’re not a SATC fan, you might not get it all.

We started the tour at the Pulitzer Fountain across the street from the Plaza Hotel, where Carrie said goodbye to Big after his engagement party.

We cruised past Friar Fuck’s church, Miranda’s gym, made a stop at the store where Charlotte discovered her cute pink rabbit, ate cupcakes a la` Magnolia Bakery, passed the playground where Miranda fell when he met Steve’s girlfriend, drank Cosmo’s at Scout – Steve and Aiden’s bar, and landed on Carrie’s stoop – the location for so many of the great scenes between her and Big!

SJP supposedly lives very near where they filmed her stoop scenes on Perry Street. How exciting just to walk around in her neighborhood. Sadly, there were no SJP sightings:( But not to worry, the tour was still fantastic. It’s great for first timers in NYC, too, because you can go back and explore the neighborhoods and locations from the tour, which we did!

After the tour we stopped at the Paris Theatre where Carrie saw Joy for Deaux for Un (lol) and then went to Central Park, where I had my first celebrity sighting – how exciting!!!

We saw Clinton Kelly – fashion guru from TLC’s What Not to Wear. If you haven’t seen the show, it’s a must for your DVR/TiVo – the rules will stick with you. He was so gracious and stopped to let me take a picture of him, even though our carriage kept rolling – No, Terrence would not let me jump out of the carriage ride, even though I wanted to; thus, the pic is a bit blurry. But, you can still tell how cute Clinton is!!!

After our Carriage ride,
where the driver pointed out the building where Bruce Willis lives (how did he know to mention him!!!), we walked all the chi chi shops on 5th Avenue, even stopping in Trump Tower.

Our days were never quite long enough but we managed to fill them from sunrise to way past sunset…