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GRADES – The Good, Bad, and Ugly

I took the liberty of copying and pasting this fantastic blog entry from my friend Lola’s blog on MySpace – go check her out at – she’s the BOMB!! Love ya L!

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Receiving a low grade at the end of a course is upsetting, granted. Yet, for some reason, even when we know we have not been completing assignments and/or producing low quality work, we are shocked and appalled by low grades. Some go as far as to blame the instructor for the low grade. Why? Particularly when it comes to a final grade, the only person responsible is you! The instructor is not there to chase you around, and continuously create second chances and extra credit to insure you pass the class. Trust me, it is very difficult to find a teacher who is “out to get you”; and if you have been unfortunate enough to find one, why on earth did you remain in the class?

As a future teacher, I can tell you that (most) instructors are really there to help you, they want to help. Trust, they are not there for the money.

We all need to take responsibility for ourselves and our grade.

So here is a list of things you can do to secure a good grade.

· Turn in quality assignments on time

· Keep track of your grade

· Communicate any difficulties with the instructor; remember they are here for you!

· When in doubt, ask the instructor to specify what they are looking for in assignments.

· Ask the instructor to clarify any grade you are not happy with, in a respectful manner.

· Be in good standing with the instructor (it’s not grade grubbing, but it can be the difference between a “+ B” and an “- A”)

If you have done all these and still find yourself with a low final grade, then yes that bitch was out to get you, and you need to appeal.

PS: Teacher, instructors and professors rock!