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Love’s Evolution

Last night, Terrence, along with Brandon Essex on bass and vocalist Alexa Weber-Morales premiered a song written by Terrence (music) and me (lyrics) called Love’s Evolution.  It was written in celebration for a couple’s 35th anniversary.  It was very exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time.

Check out the video to hear and see the performance:

Let me know what you think!

Love’s Evolution – mobile size

Press Release/Strong Brew Music – The Calling: Volumes 1 & 2


101 minutes of music, 17 original compositions, 7 musicians, 2 full-length CD’s, 1 man – Terrence Brewer.
Guitarist and composer Terrence Brewer recently launched his own independent record label, Strong Brew Music, and self-produced two full-length CD’s for the label… The Calling: Volume One and Volume Two. A musician for the last 20+ years, Brewer studied with legendary musicians/educators such as Charlie Hunter, Duck Baker, Mike Zilber, Mike Williams, and Mark Levine, to name a few. In addition, Brewer consistently performs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and has played with artists including Pete Escavedo, Bruce Forman, Kahlil Shaheed, Herb Gibson, Calvin Keyes, Ed Kelley, John Gove, Tuck and Patti, and many, many more.

The Calling: Volume One and Volume Two contains 17 of Brewer’s original compositions and features the playing of some of today’s most talented young musicians.
Exotic Latin tinged and odd-meter grooves (Murray’s Law, The Hands of Man) drive The Calling: Volume One, along with fiery up-tempo swing numbers (Dedication, Vari-8-Shun), and passionate ballads (The Way, Cat-Nap). In addition to Brewer on guitar, Volume One displays the talents of Ravi Abcarian (Kahlil Shaheed, Oaktown Jazz Workshop) on acoustic bass, Ben Stolorow (Oba Oba, Misturada, Kotoja) on piano, and Micah McClain (KeHoe Nation, Blackwell) on drums.

The Calling: Volume Two follows in the footsteps of the great guitar/organ/drum trios of the past, yet Brewer lends his own modern original twists on those familiar sounds. Volume Two begins with heavy backbeat funk (Lately), continues with scorching swing numbers (A.D.D., Sunrise Sunset), and balances out with powerful and bluesy ballads (Chrystal Clarity, Peaches and Cream). Volume Two features Brewer on guitar, long-time friend Derrek Phillips (Charlie Hunter Trio) on drums, Wil Blades (Mother Bug, O.G.D.) on Hammond B-3 Organ, and Eric Drake (Space Invaders) on tenor saxophone.

To receive a promotional package and CD’s contact:

Strong Brew Music/Terrence Brewer Productions
Phone: 510.755.0627
Email: [email protected]