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Day One – January 3, 2007

When we arrived at JFK (gotta love Jet Blue!)we shared a limo to the City and arrived in style. After checking into our hotel – the 25th floor of the Park Central Hotel on 7th Avenue between 56th & 57th, we hit the streets to explore!

Our first stop – Rockefeller Center. The tree was magnificent!!! It was so huge and my favorite – sparkly:). The skating rink at Rockerfeller Center was so much smaller than we imagined.

Lesson #1: TV makes everything look bigger (as we discovered over and over again during our trip).

There are a ton of shops in and surrounding Rockefeller Center, but the most beautiful, IMHO, is Swarovski; sitting there makes you feel like a queen!

After RC, we strolled on over to Times Square, which was like a combo of SF and Vegas on steroids. There are lighted billboards everywhere, and a nonstop flow of people in every direction.

We were so fortunate that even at midnight, the time we headed back to the hotel, that all we needed were light jackets – the weather was phenomenal!!

SATC shoe story

Okay. I thought I’d share my shoe story with the girls who could relate to it the most — my SATC gal pals! It’s a bit long, though…

So, Terrence and I went shopping on Saturday at Macy’s in SF Union
Square. After finding a silver shawl to go with a black skirt that I already own (I was shopping for the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce’s Installation dinner — I’m being installed on the Board of Directors), the sales girl suggested I get a cute pair of strappy black or silver sandals to complete my outfit. So, Terrence and I
headed down to the shoe department.

Immediately, I came across a cute pair of 9 West sandals with a
little heart on top; they were really cute, but Terrence suggested we
keep looking a little. So, we wandered all the way down to the other
side of the shoe department when all of a sudden a strappy pair of
silver sandals caught my eye. I went over to them and declared “Oh, my god, these are the most beautiful shoes I’ve ever
seen!” — and I really loved my wedding shoes! Then, I turned them
over and about choked; they were $298 Stewart Weitzman shoes!!!

Well, I knew there was no way I could get them, but I figured it
wouldn’t hurt to just try them on. So, I asked the sales clerk if they
had them in my size, a 9 1/2. He responded with “they don’t make them in half sizes. So, I’ll just bring you a 9 and a 10”. A little
disappointed and a little relieved thinking they wouldn’t fit, I took a
seat and waited for his return.

“Well, they actually do come in a 9 1/2 and it’s the only pair in the
store” he happily told me when he came with one box. He took them out of their package and my excitement grew. When I
slipped them on I exclaimed (all in one breath) “Oh my god, they are so beautiful and they even make my feet look beautiful and it’s been months since I’ve had a pedicure!”

My heart started racing and I actually started sweating (we’re
talking elliptical trainer sweaty). I’d never before had a pair of
shoes sooooooooooo expensive on my feet. I truly felt just like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. The only thing is
Carrie would never hesitate to buy them…

Terrence and I both kept saying how beautiful they were and how nice they made my feet look — even in jeans with only remnants of polish on my toes! I kept saying I would have to be crazy to
buy them — I mean really, they are almost as expensive as our car
payment! I sat down, stood up, sat down again all the while my mind going crazy!

After a few minutes, the sales clerk returned and he asked me “How
are you doing, here?” Before I knew what was happening I said “I’ll
take them!” OH MY GAWD!!! I think something took over me — I’m just not sure what. Or maybe I truly lost my mind in that moment — all I knew was that I was going to own the most beautiful
shoes I’d ever seen!!!

After paying for them (and almost throwing up in the process) we
continued on our way. Through make-up and socks, and bedding and furniture, all the way to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory on the top floor of Macy’s where I was almost too excited to eat. When we finally took our seats, I kept taking the shoes out of the
package, looking at them, sighing, and exclaiming over and over again how beautiful they were.

After a lovely dinner, we got back on BART to go home. And I kept
saying to myself and aloud, I still can’t believe what I’ve done. The
shopper’s high was starting to wear off and the guilt started setting

Once home, of course I tried them on again and again and was so
emotionally torn — how can an inanimate object cause me so much
happiness and grief at the same time? I mean, come on, they were no man!

After settling down and falling asleep (I had that feeling of a kid
waiting for sleep to find them on Christmas Eve) I had the worst
nightmares about the shoes. I dreamt I was walking in them and broke them and then had to return them. I dreamt that the
store gave me my money back because they didn’t have another pair in my size and I was so relieved that I now had a credit on my charge card.

So, when I woke on Sunday morning (before Terrence, which is a
rarity) I told myself I was taking them back. As soon as Terrence woke up I told him this. He said to me “When have you ever
done this before– bought a pair of shoes this expensive or bought
designer anything?” I said “Never.” Then he said the most romantic
thing… “You’re a 33 year old woman – you deserve to have your first pair of designer shoes. So, suck it up and keep ‘em!” I was elated!

I wore them that night to Bennihanna’s for dinner — I couldn’t help
myself. Every day since, I’ve tried them on; I’ve laid in bed with
them on; I’ve sat with them next to me while reading so I could look at them; and the list goes on…. I still have my doubts about keeping
them; but those doubts are nowhere near as strong as my desire to keep them and cherish them. Maybe I’m a little more like Carrie Bradshaw than I thought.